Plasma Station 2.0

Plasma Station 2.0


Sterilizer purifier Photocatalysis and UV-C for channels

Tests carried out in an official laboratory authorized and registered by the Generalitat de Catalunya, confirm that the Mundoclima air Purification Technology eliminates 99.95% of particles, pollen, bacteria, fungi and viruses. For application in any enclosed space (Schools, classrooms / Offices, offices. / Shops, businesses. / Government agencies. / Hospitals, medical centers / Restaurants, bars. / Home).

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PLASMA STATION 2.0 combines two techniques for the ion elimination of pollutants and pathogens, oxidation of focatalytic (PCO) and ultraviolet (UV) light. WHAT IS PHOTOCATALYTIC OXIDATION AND HOW DOES IT WORK? It is the acceleration by a catalyst of a photoreaction. The photocatalyst used in the PLASMA STATION 2.0 unit is basically titanium dioxide (TiO2), requires neither maintenance nor replacement, as it does not deteriorate. When the photocatalyst receives photons from ultraviolet (UV) lamps react with air and form superoxide ions and hydrophilic radicals. These oxidize volatile organic compounds, odors and environmental oxygen pat. When the TiO2 compound is irradiated with UV light, electrons are excited from the valence band to the conduction band. Once here, they can react with other elements. Electrons can also react with other components present in the environment; electrons absorbed by oxygen, they form superoxide ions and electrons that react with hydrogen in the form of hydrogen peroxide these, in turn, can also react to create hydroxyl radicals. All of these products are highly reactive and are responsible for acting on pollutants and purifying the air. UV LIGHT Microorganisms are treated by the team, where in Depending on the dose used, up to 99.9% is eliminated by the application of short-wave ultraviolet rays (UV-C). With the PLASMA STATION 2.0 unit, we can eliminate: microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, etc.), gases, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


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